Top Notch  -   Giving you the best quality and service for your money
Top Notch is a small company that specializes in custom woodworking, construction, and remodeling.  It is owned and operated by the same person who brings to the table over 10 years of experience; learning the design looks and construction details that will transform your projects into masterpieces.  We are not like the other guys who are just interested in getting the job done as fast and as cheaply as possible.  We pride ourselves in our work and take our time to make sure that you are happy and that your home is a beautiful and enduring place that will last a lifetime.  Our down-to-earth nature, quality of service, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are unmatched.  We love what we do and are making it our mission to bring back the quality and craftsmanship that is hard to find anymore.


The construction Process

From the start, you will see how we are different from other construction companies.  You will not be meeting with some pushy salesman, but instead, you will find that we are friendly, knowledgeable, and insightful.  When you sign with us, you will be given the top notch treatment:  You will be given the same great day-to-day service until your job is complete.  When we are done, you will see what makes us the best.  And as your enjoy your home, you can take comfort in knowing that our work will continue to last for years to come.
License # BC636658      Phone: 507-217-7192